Jewel Orchids

Jewel orchids are truly the gems of the orchid family. While most orchids are grown for their beautiful flowers, jewel orchids are primarily grown for their spectacular foliage. Most species of jewel orchids produce insignificant flowers but a few, such as Ludisia discolor, produce spikes of small but attractive white and yellow flowers which are also pleasantly fragrant.

Most of the jewel orchids are found in the warm, humid tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia and throughout the islands of the Indo Pacific region including the remote rain forests of New Guinea and Borneo. There they grow in the leaf litter under the shade of large tropical trees.

A few species in the genus Goodyera grow in the cooler highland cloud forests of Southeast Asia at elevations of 3000 to 7500 feet.

Growing jewel orchids is fairly straightforward. Jewel orchids are terrestrial so they will need to be planted in a substrate that retains moisture but drains well. Premium grade sphagnum alone works very well but commercial terrestrial orchid mixes are also excellent. Give them high humidity, warm temperatures and low light and they will do fine. They make excellent terrarium plants and grow very well under fluorescent lights

When grown as houseplants the challenge is to maintain high humidity. The obvious solution is to grow them in a terrarium or Wardian case. There are however, other options. Many people successfully grow them in their bathroom and have created stunning decorative displays that compliment their existing decor.Regardless of how you display them we think you will find the jewel orchids enchanting and rewarding.

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