About Us

T&C Terrariums is a family owned business located in East Central Florida just a few miles south of Daytona Beach. We have been in business since 1994 but we've maintained a large collection of dendrobatid frogs, exotic lizards and tropical plants since 1986. At the time there was very little accurate information on how to set up and maintain a long term naturalistic terrarium or a vivarium which contained living animals. There was even less in the way of pesticide free plants and supplies suitable for terrariums. Much of the designs and techniques we use today were discovered through trial and error.

During the early '90s as the Reptile Expos started to make their appearance, it became obvious that there was now a good supply of hardy terrarium sized reptiles and amphibians but still no reliable source for the proper plants and supplies. During this time Vivarium Magazine made its appearance and published many excellent articles on naturalistic vivarium design and maintenance. It was then, with the growing fascination of the public with naturalistic vivariums we decided to launch our business.

Many of the plants we first offered had never been available to public before and even today some of our products and animals cannot be found anywhere else. We are pleased that many of our customers have been able to propagate some of the rarer plants and animals they have purchased from us through the years.

Our business is strictly Internet, Phone and Mail Order sales. We do not have a retail store front and are not open to the public.